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I’m a strong believer that with the right support, everyone can reach their full potential and in my professional career, this is what I strive to do.

I have worked within the Health & Social Care sector for over 14 years; starting off as a Youth Worker. I later went on to expand my knowledge in the field, by studying a BA Honors Degree in Human Services.

In the day time I’m a qualified Advocate; helping people who access homelessness services; as well as a qualified Teacher/Trainer and Youth Worker. I have designed courses for young homeless people, taught in schools, colleges and universities, around subjects such as Employability, Health and Social Care, PHSE (Personal, Social Health and Economics) and Professional Practice.

I have always been attracted to helping people, so this is the career I sought and if I can continue to do this by spreading a little bit of happiness, positivity, reflection and mindfulness, then I feel I’ve done some good in this crazy world!

I don’t profess to know all the answers or am an expert in any way, but what I am good at is working with a variety of people from all walks of life and for me, as an introvert, social media has given me an avenue to connect with people around the world to carry on helping people in the best way I can.

My blog takes you through my journey by reflective accounts of time periods in my own life, in order to inspire normal every day people to realise their own dreams and potential and start to challenge those limiting, negative ideas and thoughts that most of us have unknowingly been carrying around from a young age.

Ready to join me on this ride?


I wish to inspire people to follow their dreams, passions and desires. You are the creator of your own destiny! Let’s get there together!

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