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Thanks for stopping by! A bit about me… My names Serena, I’m married and am a working  Mum to a 3 year old head strong boy. I grew up in the UK on a council estate in my home town of Nottingham with my resilient, resourceful and strong single mother. From as far back as I can remember I have always loved writing; expressing myself through words; being creative and challenging myself…. 

Somewhere between wanting to earn money and getting sucked into a normal way of life; I either suppressed my passions or forgot about them. I went from job to job, course to course thinking I was doing what I should be, which was earning a living, working my way up the career ladder and taking any opportunity for self development that came my way.  I achieved much in my professional career; teaching at universities, facilitating workshops, designing training programmes, managing teams, as well as multiple qualifications related to these sectors….

And that worked for a while, but something just didn’t seem right, like something was missing…

Then I remembered what it was…my passion! I loved writing! Since I was in single figures! How could I have forgotten this?!

And so my journey began… I began to listen to that voice within me and let it guide me to where I am now. I came to realise that once you actually begin to do what you are passionate about your life changes for the better because you are aligning with your purpose in some way…. Picking up key tools, habits and behaviours that aided my progression.  

I first started by sharing any useful tips I’d learnt on Instagram, as I couldn’t find any pages for normal everyday women like me, from a working class background, who have a strong desires, ambitions; who are still trying to figure stuff out…To find their true purpose and passions in life…

From here I started to write a monthly blog to help others like myself answer to their passions and stop ignoring them as I had been. 

I started to explore poetry and have a go at writing my own, performing for the first time back in March 2019.

I secured a Senior Management position in a company that shares my values and aims (writing is a large part of my role!) 

Challenging some self limiting beliefs, I became a student of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy; following my calling to make a real difference to people’s lives as well as working towards writing my book, aimed at 30 something women rediscovering their passion and purpose in life. 

After realising I had real passions in life; truly believing in myself and being positive about my own abilities was a catalyst for a dramatic change to my life, mindset and direction I was heading in. The quote “She Believed She Could So She Did” became my “Go to” whenever negative thoughts tried to creep in. 

Ready to join me on this ride? 

I wish to inspire YOU to follow those dreams, passions and desires that you have been long suppressing. You are the creator of your life! Everything you need is within you.

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