Being different seems wrong at times to people because society is the same 
But being different from others shows that you want to be someone different from the rest of the world 
Different is unique 
Different beautiful
Different is powerful 
It shines out when you’re in a crowd of the same 



Embracing the person that you’re becoming.
Embracing your flaws , you’re rare, one of a kind.
Your flaws makes you strong and bold.
Embracing that no matter what you cannot be perfect even if you try, you’re beautiful inside and outside.
Embracing your identity, because you’re worthy of love.

By Kachell Morris

Kachell Morris is an 18 year old driven and inspirational young writer, who wishes to inspire others through her writing and short stories.

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4 thoughts to “Poetry by Kachell

  • Avatar
    Shakeel Anjum

    No doubt, If you want to make your presence felt then you have to be different than others.

  • Avatar
    Sauumye Chauhan

    Both of the poems are so beautiful. Kachell is really talented. All the best in life!!! and continue to amaze us with your poetry!!!!


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